Ax the Tax at Hillsdale College

Hillsdale YAL held our second activism event of the semester: Ax the Tax! We reached many conservative, libertarian, and progressive students (and professors) on campus on why we should and how we can reform the tax code. We also gained 10 more sign-ups for our email list of over 140 names!

One thing we found that everyone agreed on was that we need to simplify the tax code. We had many great discussions with people about viable alternatives and how our current system wastes time and money, and is frustrating for taxpayers. People were amazed when they realized that our tax code is 75,000 pages long and doubles every 24 years!  That means that it has almost doubled in length in our lifetime!

It’s amazing to see how people can agree when we approach issues with an open mind for discussion.  We’re changing discussions around campus and are one of the fastest growing and most active political groups on campus because of this.  Hillsdale has a history of promoting liberty, and YAL is bringing it back to the forefront 

We also elected our new executive board for next semester and are extremely excited to do even more next semester!  Our group has exploded in size this year and we’re just getting started.  We can’t wait to #MakeLibertyWin next year!

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