Ax the Tax at Kutztown University

On Thursday April 20, 2017, the YAL chapter at Kutztown University put on Ax the Tax. This was our major event for the semester. We held the event inside our student union building so that the 20,000+ pieces of paper we had that represented less than 1/3 of our federal tax code did not blow away. We had a blow up ax that many students used to ax the tax. The event was an overall hit. Many students axed the tax and were very interested in where our tax money is going. Most people were amazed by the ridiculousness of where our money goes. Many of the students were angered or upset at the length of the tax code and confused why it is so very long. I would say the event was an overall success and we properly educated the students of Kutztown and got them interested in our club and what is going on in our government.

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