Ax The Tax at University of Southern Indiana

University of Southern Indiana hosted Ax the Tax on campus on March 23rd. We correlated the event with our chapter’s weekly meeting. We expected around 100 people to attend. Sponsoring a movie allowed us to reach all attendees because we were granted 5 minutes of time to speak about our organization.

We set up Ax the Tax in the hallway as people walked into the theatre. We offered people to post pictures on Instagram using #AxTheTax #USIYAL to win a gift card, but we had few people interested (5 to be exact). With around 175 people in attendance, our 5 sign ups and 5 pictures taken, we saw it as both a win and a loss. We spread our message on campus, but didn’t really get more sign ups.

We purchased white t-shirt gift boxes and then also white large packaging boxes. The packaging boxes were the most successful in putting together and stacking. We continuously had to fix our small boxes, because they would fall in. We would also recommend having an extra Ax, as some of our members got a little to angry at the Tax Code.

Overall, our members were able to be more educated on the tax code. They were able to get their feet wet with activism and 175 people got to hear the message of liberty. This was a successful event.

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