Ax the Tax at YALabama

Yesterday, April 18th, our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held our Ax the Tax event. It was Tax Day, which we figured was a great time to get out and educate our student body. We tabled in our student center from 11-2, which are always its busiest hours of the day. Once we were out there speaking to real students, we quickly discovered that the most effective way to get them interested in our materials was to ask them how they felt about the ways their tax dollars were being spent. In addition, some of our members who don’t have much knowledge about getting out there and tabling/speaking to the public gained some great experience!

Assisted by the handout provided by YAL National, we showed students all the ways their money is continually squandered. Taxes are something everyone can relate to, so a wide range of students showed interest when walking by. Once we got them hooked, we received a good number of sign ups to our mailing list, and I think YALabama gained some great new members as a result of our hard work!

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