Ax The Tax Comes to California State University Stanislaus!

A week before Tax Day and just in time for Tax Season, we brought our Ax The Tax event to CSU Stanislaus.

It was a big success. Our table was set up as it normally would be with the info cards, the buttons and stickers, but this time we had something fun and weird up our sleeves. We had brought with us over 4,000 sheets of paper to symbolize our current monster of a tax code. Along with a blow-up ax toy (which we used to show the futility of getting through the tax code without truly getting rid of a lot of paper), we also set up an iPad to display the U.S. debt clock.

We were able to attract a lot of good attention, and people on campus were quite receptive to what we had to say. In collecting curious passersby, we’re excited for the follow-up meeting we have planned next week. With official campus recognition looming on the horizon, Young Americans for Liberty at CSU Stanislaus is, as we say, growing steadily and reaching for the stars.

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