Ax the Tax Comes to East Los Angeles College

Yesterday on April 12th, East Los Angeles College was the host of the Ax the Tax event. Being in a majority left-leaning campus, having this type of event was a gamble. There were some who showed no interest, yet there were those who did. By simply asking how people felt about their taxes, most who responded were not too happy about it. By showing them how ridiculous the tax code is and showing them solutions to it such as a flat tax, people were open to the idea of reducing taxes. One gentleman was a small business owner and is currently feeling the burdens of the taxes on his business, so the idea of cutting the complexity of the tax code as well as the amount of taxes we pay did appeal to him.

As the chapter president of a campus where most people tend to be left-leaning, this was a great experience to educate people about taxes and the benefits of cutting them. There was an overall positive reception for those who were willing to listen. We also blended in the idea of free speech, due to the ongoing lawsuit in our district in regards to free speech zones. By blending in economic freedom of reducing taxes and promoting the civil liberties of free speech, YAL is making its presence known at ELAC, and its momentum is only getting started.

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