Ax the Tax Meeting at Samford University

We at Samford had our Ax the Tax meeting this past Thursday the 6th. Only one person showed up, but that wasn’t unexpected. We’re a small group as it is, but with the semester coming to its close, people are starting to get even busier. My companion and I just sat in our now far-too-large room and talked about liberty for an hour before leaving. Of course, as soon as I got back to my dorm, I started getting news notifications that we had launched missiles on Syria. Suddenly my entire group was very active and wanted to discuss everything from their respective locations. The goal of the evening was to discuss taxes, but we ended up talking about a little bit of everything with some extra foreign policy. I’ll leave you to draw your own meaning from this little anecdote, but this is the reality on our small little campus in the middle of paradise. It is what you make it. Never give in; never give up.

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