Ayn Rand 101

Ayn Rand Graphic

This is all humour of course, but whether you like Rand (as I do, to an extent) or if you hate her, it’s cleverly correct to an extent.

Kudos to Cracked’s article on Rand.

An excerpt from the article:

The works of Ayn Rand include Atlas Shrugged, a popular novel on the evils of government regulations; The Fountainhead, the story of rebellious architect Howard Roark struggling to maintain his integrity; and Anthem, which I didn’t read because you only need the first two to be trendy.

The Fountainhead was a breathtaking, cliche-defying, rape-justifying read. Roark, its hero, chooses to fight in obscurity rather than sell out on his creative vision of how buildings ought to be designed. Also, he blows up a building because he’s a genius and he can do whatever he wants. Sure, at 700 pages it was a little long, but at least it wasn’t 700 pages describing cancer metastasis and tort law, like “A Civil Action.”

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