Bail Out Fever vs. Ron Paul and Peter Schiff

With the repetitive misleading actions of the Bernanke and Paulson tag team of bailout madness, those few who do understand proper economics can sift through the milieu of calculated deception and discover the seditious acts and clues that authenticate the grim reality of the economy by separating concrete evidence from conjecture. By having the ability to separate concrete evidence from conjecture, economic patriots such as Congressman Ron Paul (Rep.-TX) and Peter Schiff, the President of Euro Pacific Capital, were able to accurately predict the economic quagmire we are currently facing and the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy by observing the faulty and repetitive actions taken thus far by the twin money masters, Bernanke and Paulson. Economic patriot’s like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff consistently expose the errantly flawed currency creation and profit system of the FED for what it truly is; a nauseating, private, foreign owned entity bent on the destruction of America’s economy. In a recent display of pure genius, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stated that, “the risk for a terrorist attack remained the greatest threat to the United States.” However, she is sadly misinformed. The greatest threat(s) to our national security is the fiscal irresponsibility of our out of control government and the ravening wolves of the Federal Reserve. Thank goodness for economic patriots such as Congressman Paul and Peter Schiff, who bravely educate American’s and warn us of the obvious economic sabotage being abhorrently perpetrated against our nation by the FED and its Machiavellian cult.

To view Ron Paul video’s on the bailout fiasco, click here. To view Peter Schiff video’s, click here.

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