Baldwin Wallace University Kicks Off First-Ever Recruitment Drive

On Saturday, August 27th, Baldwin Wallace had its annual Involvement Fair, where students (mostly freshmen) come to look at clubs and organizations to join. Everyone has tables set up and has their swag hanging every where. Except for me. I’m in the process of filling out the paperwork to be officially recognized by the school, which means, no tabling for me. Luckily Abe Alassaf, our State Chair, come up to Berea and help me out.

With a table, my goal was to get 40 sign ups. I’m happy to say that with Abe and my YAL chapter vice president, we got 39 sign ups. I walked around to other organizations with tables and we were more successful than many other organizations present.

Day 1 of recruitment was a total success. Once this paperwork is done and I can set up a table, the sky is the limit. 39 sign ups and many more to come!

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