Ball Up on Liberty Season

   This Thursday the Liberty Warriors at University of the Cumberlands made their  presence felt on campus for the first time! After starting the  semester with tabling and chapter meetings, UC YAL  rolled out the Free Speech Ball  in Williamsburg. 

    Four chapter members had already had speech ball experience this semester, either on the way to the Missouri Leadership Iinstitute training  or just a week before helping out University of Kentucky’s YAL  chapter with their speech ball. It was exciting to take the skills learned at the other schools, and bring them home right here at UC.  All members involved, most notably the incoming freshmen  members, did a phenomenal job enthusiastically engaging each student that came into contact with the ball.  Each participant was reminded of the importance of the First Amendment and the dangers of censorship in a personal way that only face-to-face interaction can give.   The response to this energy in just a few short hours was equally electric, and the results showed in contact and connection. 

    The speech ball dominated student social media, especially the campus Snapchat story, and  impressions were made on hundreds of students either physically or digitally. UC YAL  passed out upwards of 50 Constitutions,  grabbed 55 new contacts, and landed one on-the-spot, dues-paying sign-up.  More importantly, UC’s Liberty Warriors gave faces to our ideals, as well as an example of students on the ground to #MakeLibrtyWin. 

    It’s an exciting time for Liberty in the Burg and in the Commonwealth, and we’re just getting started! Time to get on board. 

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