Ballot Access Laws are Detrimental to Americans

Kenn Jacobine over at Break The Matrix has an excellent piece about our ballot access laws — how they limit our choices and support the 2-party system. He systematically and eloquently makes his case in 4 parts, and puts the spotlight on a recent lawsuit in North Carolina by the Libertarian Party.

Mr. Jacobine writes:

Ballot access laws are detrimental to our political system because they are anti-democratic. They can only be defended with anti-democratic rhetoric like that spoken by Alexander Peters. Now I understand that we live in a republic. But, our republic is based on the essence of democracy –- a government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of political power. How can discriminating against allegedly minor views through ballot access laws be justified in our system? It is placing a greater importance on the views of some at the expense of others. Current polls indicate that between 10-20 percent of Americans identify themselves as libertarians. Probably a large chunk of Americans are at the opposite end of the spectrum -– socialist. By restricting ballot access or at the very least placing high hurdles in the way of minor parties state governments silence the voice of many in pursuit of their right under democracy.

You can read the entire article here.

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