Banking on Bitcoin

     On October 10, 2017, the YAL chapter at Liberty University held an event discussing the topic of cryptocurrencies, as well as internet freedom. The members in YAL tabled outside the library for days, teaching their peers the advantages of using cryptocurrencies. Some advantages include increased privacy, taking power away from the Federal Reserve, and simply the benefits that competition brings to any good or service.

     At the event, the club watched the Netflix documentary, “Banking on Bitcoin.” YAL also brought in a speaker to discuss his local internet freedom group, “Decentralize Lynchburg.” The attendees were educated on aspects of the block chain technology, the deep web, privacy, and general types of cryptocurrency exchanges.  Since the event, Bitcoin has increased from $5,000 per coin, to over $6,000 per coin, as well as major news coverage on the currency.

Due to the activism, the YAL group received approximately 36 new emails with hopes of increasing turnout as the semester continues.


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