Barry Kuzay Named Wisconsin Chair

YAL National is happy to announce that Barry Kuzay has been named the Wisconsin state chair. If you are currently a college student in Wisconsin and want to form a YAL chapter on your campus, talk to Barry. You can find him on Facebook or leave a comment on this post.

And now, to get to know Barry, here is a brief bio:

Barry Kuzay grew up in the small village of Cazenovia, Wisconsin.  In May he graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BS in Civil Engineering, and is currently a Highway Research Engineer at the university.  Aside from liberty and engineering, Barry has a million hobbies, including writing/recording music, skiing, motorcycling, video editing, web design, and chemistry.

Barry has known for years that something was very wrong with our nation’s political system, but did not know the answer to the problems until Ron Paul delivered it to the world during his 2008 presidential campaign. He is a “founding father” of the UW-Madison YAL chapter.

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