Baseball Tournament Cancelled in Protest of S.C. Confederate Flag

The South Carolina Capitol with Conferederate Flag.
The Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washingto D.C

The Atlantic Coast Conference of Baseball, yesterday, stated it wanted to move three of its future baseball tournaments out of South Carolina in protest of the Confederate Flag which has stood at the State Capitol for ten years.

According to First Coast News, opponents of the flag say it’s a symbol of racism and hatred, while flag supporters say it honors heritage through traditional American principles of State Sovereignty.

The belief that the Confederacy stands for hate comes from the lessons of the Civil War, with Abraham Lincoln leading the way to end slavery. In fact, the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. pays tribute to the former President by stating “For whom he saved the Union” during the Civil War when the southern states refused to unionize.

Read the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference article here.

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