“Batman” Shooting Provokes Twitter TSA Fears

In response to Friday’s tragic shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, Twitter users took to their timelines to express their worry. Their concern was:  how will government respond to this event?

Far from demanding total security and safety, many Twitter users, already upset by TSA pat downs and screenings at airports, feared the same treatment could come to cinemas. Here are a few responses. Matt Johnson wrote:

I swear, if I have to go through TSA style security to get into a movie theater I will never go again.

Diane Tavarez Strain ‏sarcastically wrote:

Prediction: TSA at every movie theater by year’s end. It’s for our own good you know

Some are welcoming new security measures, both private and run by government. AMC Theaters has already banned costumes and face coverings in their theaters. Others are directly welcoming of increased TSA and/or police presence in movie theaters.

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