Battling for our Freedoms in a Northern Land

The YAL chapter at Northern Michigan University took to the academic halls Tuesday, December 1 to discuss incarceration rates in the United States. With the help of chapter members we spoke to countless students on the factors of the current system. This included how the U.S. is the world’s largest incarcerating nation and on the Congress-created mandatory minimums. We had abundant success in both connecting with students who found some of the information disturbing and with those who are interested in getting more involved.

Several people offered up their own personal experiences with drug related arrests. One student shared a story on his struggles with being arrested twice for minor drug possession and explained the amount of money he lost from having to spend time in prison. So we were able to hear from those who have personally been harmed by the system. 

NMU Students get Incarcerated

Our next step will be to connect with those who gave us their contact information and grow the chapter at NMU as much as possible. Hopefully, by our next campus activism event we will have twice as many people come out to support the cause. We are already starting work on our next project, which will target U.S. foreign policy and the ‘Generation of War’ it has created. 

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