Battling Student Apathy at Sacramento State

On the first day back from Spring Break, YAL@SacState set out to spark discussion on the student quad with the “Pin the Drone on the War Zone” interactive poster game!

Pin the Drone Map

We are a new chapter, having just formed within the last year, and we have been working hard at getting students talking about the current political climate. While some students remain apathetic, we did get a chance to talk to some students at length about their personal thoughts on drone warfare. One student who stopped by is a recent immigrant from Somalia and is all too familiar with drone strikes! The game aspect was a fun way to break the ice and get talking about a very serious government policy. 

Answering questions

Even if students didn’t have time to stop and chat with us, we threw out questions to those passing by. Our membership slowly increasing, we are confident that we are being heard.  

Spin and Pin!

Game Time!

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