Beal College inform on the 4th event

Beal College is most likely not like any other College apart of Young American’s for Liberty. We are a school of around 300 Students. It’s a Career College with major such as criminal justice,nursing, medical assisting business, human resources management, etc. Beal Student Body ranges from 18 to 65+. It is located in Bangor, Maine. People in this state take identity politics very seriously. They identify as Republican or Democrat based on what they’ve been told their parties beliefs are. The face there is a 3rd option that shows genuine care into what people believe is eye opening.

People are hungry for something else. Something more. The event on Oct. 12, 2017 at Beal College had people engaging me. I could have walked around & engaged people as they passed by, but I’m not a Fair Carnie I sat there eager, but quiet & gauged the room of my peers. The Meme Posters were a great Ice-breaker. People love Ron Swanson & the South Park memes. It got people talking about the shows & the main points the shows came too. Those main points is where I swooped in like Batman with facts, knowledge & a few laughs to keep things light-hearted & informative. People opened up not so much about the 4th Amendment, but tax reform & axing taxes entirely. There is real excitement in the people to see change. I spoke with people of many political identities that were very pleased & interested in what they saw today. I look forward to nurturing & feeding these ideas & beliefs. Maine isn’t like most other places in the country. People saw politics in a new & exciting like, & I am proud to be at Beal College’s forefront.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

-From the Bottom of the Barrel…

-Allen R. Esposito

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