Bearcats Figure Out if they “Can Take a Joke”

On April 13 (Freedom Day), the Saint Vincent College YAL chapter was happy to host a screening for the documentary, “Can We Take a Joke?”.

It was an incredible evening full of pizza, pop, an awesome documentary, and a great discussion period where members of the school were able to focus on free speech on our campus and other campuses across the United States. 


To promote for the event we held a “Free Speech Day” on April 6th. I wanted to do something other than a free speech ball or wall, so we did “free speech sandwich boards”! 


We had tons of students who loved to come out and learn more about the event, and how free speech is being restricted across the United States.


We even had a teachable moment when another group decided to table beside us. Let’s just say that they didn’t get as much attention as we did.



Overall, it was a awesome two days and we were able to educate a TON of students on campus about the importance of free speech rights on college campuses!

For liberty,



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