Beat It, Congressman

Yesterday Rep. Pete King (R-NY) had some harsh words for Michael Jackson and the media that glorifies his death. 

The most striking thing about Rep. King’s statements is his flippant use of words like “pervert” and “child molester” about someone who has been acquitted of those charges in a court of law. Though maybe it’s not so striking — King, after all, belongs to the party of the military tribunal and Guantanamo Bay. At least he’s consistent.

Now there’s this:

Fans of Jackson are mobilizing to raise money for an opponent–any opponent–to run against Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., following the critical remarks the congressman made about the recently deceased pop icon.

Payback is a bitch, but well-deserved. Michael Jackson rose on his own merits and built an empire around music that made people happy; what have Pete King and his cronies done for us? Their empire is based on debt, inflation, war, and the forced expropriation of wealth. Or in other words, whereas Michael Jackson stood for happiness and life, Pete King — and the federal leviathan in which he is a cog — stands for domination and death.

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