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The liberty movement has never seen such success and exponential growth in supporters as we have right now. Now more than ever, we must continue our expansion across college campuses through identifying, mobilizing and educating students. These goals have been carried out by our growing Leadership Team that we are encouraging our top members to join.

Some members of YAL Leadership

Members of our staff and Summer 2012 interns with Dr. Ron Paul

Recently we have seen polls pointing to more than 60% of students wanting more government in our lives. It is obvious that our message must be effectively brought to schools to preserve student liberty.

YAL has been leading the spread of liberty across campuses through pragmatic approaches in increasing our chapter count from 289 groups in 2011 to 378 (and growing!) in 2012.  With first-hand knowledge of campus and state issues, our leadership has identified new liberty activists and networked with candidates and employers to advance their career.

When you become a member of our Leadership Team, you will be able to participate in YAL strategy and decisions within your region, be our official representative in your state for meetings and conferences, develop leadership skills and build your resume.

As a current member of the Leadership Team, I would strongly advise that you apply today to become part of the fastest-growing liberty movement in America. No matter how you want to advance liberty, there is no better opportunity than the one we are offering now.  YAL will be the shaping force in young activists and representatives.

When the team at YAL challenges the status quo by bringing liberty activist groups to college campuses, we do so with confidence in the passion and drive of our member base.  The Constitution Week event we held allowed us to showcase importance of promoting free speech and upholding the Constitution. Our current team consists of 62 state chairs and 7 regional directors with a full field program staff.  This all-star team of liberty has been vital to our tremendous success.  However, we have set an ambitious goal this upcoming semester of running ten state conventions in the spring and build on the success of our national convention in July.

2012 YAL CON

Through our training sessions, YAL has placed 123 activists on 176 campaigns or in campaign-related positions and 520 volunteers on the Ron Paul campaign.  This trend will continue and as a state chair or regional director, you will have access to training materials and a team to aid your advancement.  At YAL headquarters, we are in constant contact with our team and working to establish new leads and supplying resources from our numerous partner organizations.

There truly is no organization like Young Americans for Liberty if you want to advance the cause of liberty.  Feel free to reach out to our current Leadership Team to hear their story — and be sure to apply to become a leader for your state with YAL.

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