Before getting your hopes up too high on the recent bailout vote

Consider this. Yes, the Senate crushed the automotive bailout bill passed by Congress. However, and if I’m not mistaken, this was more of a vote to test the waters to see where the vote tally stood and didn’t really count. You can almost bet that if the vote count would’ve gone the other way, those pushing ‘for’ the bailout would’ve called for the actual vote right then. In other words, this is not over yet. I personally believe it was all a grand show to trick the public into believing that the Senate is working overtime out of concern for the taxpayer. Plus, the GOP is probably using this ‘light positive’ to their advantage to gather in a few brownie points since they got their butt’s handed to them on Nov. 4th. When it does make it back, and I have every reason to believe it will, expect to see the amount of the bailout increase due to the pork barrel spending being added to the original bailout amount request.

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