Belmont University Activism Report: Free Markets 101

Free Markets 101 was YAL-Belmont’s first activism event as a fully recognized chapter. For our recruitment table on February 28th, 2013, we played the game of Jenga-Nomics.

We explained to students the analogy between destabilizing a Jenga set and destabilizing an economy via government wealth-redistribution. In addition, we numbered and corresponded each Jenga block with a question related to government or economics. If the student agreed to sign our email-list and answer a question correctly, they received free literature and other liberty swag!

Jenga-Nomics @ Belmont University    

Jenga-Nomics @ Belmont University

We received 15 new email addresses. At 2:00 PM, immediately following the wrap-up of our recruitment drive, an email-blast was sent out regarding our 7:00 PM chapter meeting that same night. Luckily, one new student attended our meeting and left highly enthusiastic about joining our organization.

A student signs our email list.

YAL Table

Michael Lotfi behind our table

In summation, our recruitment drive was the most successful to date. In the past, our chapter has been very lenient about requiring email addresses before allowing students to participate in our table activities. The strategy of corresponding each Jenga block with a question paid off, as most students were eager to test their knowledge of government and economics. This was also the first time we successfully recruited a new member from a recruitment drive! 

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