Belmont University Spring Semester 2017 Updates

This has been an excellent first semester for me as the new president of our Belmont University YAL chapter! We’ve now hosted two major events on campus, plus a day of tabling. The tabling came on a Friday back in March and we doubled the number of signups on our mailing list and now reach between 50-60 people whenever we send out emails. The next week we hosted “Pizza and Politics” where several different representatives from my school’s political organizations came and discussed their future plans for Belmont and ways we can work together. There was also discussion about the “Ryancare” bill going through congress. This event attracted about 20-25 people.

Earlier in April we brought in Lindsay Boyd from Nashville’s Beacon Center. She focused on Tennessee tax reform and how it affects Belmont students. We were able to bring in about 40-50 students to this event.

With finals here that’s all we will be able to do for the semester but I am very optimistic about all we can do in the fall!

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