Belmont University War on Youth Spring Activism


During the week before finals, there probably weren’t too many students thinking about their share of the national debt, however, that is exactly what the students of Belmont’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty were ready to talk about. As the semester drew to a close, we decided to leave everyone with some liberty-provoking thoughts for the summer.


 On April 15, we set up our War on Youth activism table outside the cafeteria, ready to capitalize on lunch traffic, as well as the warm weather. With the debt clock covering the wall next to our set-up, we were able to draw the attention of many students, who then took the time to stop by and talk with the many members of our chapter who spent their lunch manning the table. We were able to get into some good discussions about the issues facing today’s youth and we passed out pocket Constitutions, offering students “some freedom with their lunch.”


Along with the updated version of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, we decided to fashion our own informal, government approval poll. Positioned next to the giant cutout of Obama’s face, we had a place for students to record their opinions, asking “Do you feel the government has your best interests in mind?” While we did have tally marks on both sides of the poll, the resounding answer on our campus was ‘no’ (this includes one ‘LOL no’).


The War on Youth table was a great way to end another successful semester, in which we also welcomed speakers from the Second Amendment Center and the Tenth Amendment Center to campus. We can’t wait to get back in the fall and continue spreading the message of liberty across Belmont’s campus! 


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