Beltway Group Smears Tom Woods

Why does the establishmentarian group Think Progress feel the need to denounce libertarian Tom Woods as a “neoconfederate” and particularly “extreme” CPAC attendee? Because unlike the easy-ignorable actual hatemongers at the conference,  they feel threatened by Tom’s  message.

They indeed should. More and more Americans are coming to realize that more aptly named “predator” drones, bigger military budgets, and war escalations does not constitute change. It doesn’t matter whether a PC Democrat of the sort Think Progress favors is carrying it out.  Young people in particular couldn’t care less about how PC the warmongering line has become, especially since the message of peace and liberty so well-articulated by heroes like Tom Woods is now a viable alternative.

Human beings — who enjoy laughing, last time I checked — will never adhere to the Dr.Phil-esque, wishy-washy, PC “standards” Think Progress is attempting to force on all of society. But even if we did, being PC doesn’t excuse TP’s favored politicians for the sin of killing innocent people. That Woods is so consistent in condemning both Republican and Democrat wars — even when poor foreigners  totally ignored by the establishment are the primary victims — tells you all you need to know about his character.

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