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Tabling 3

On October 6 we spent the afternoon tabling in our Student Union. We had our basic YAL tabling supplies displayed on our table, along with fliers for our upcoming Second Amendment project.

We were joined by a member of the Leadership Institute, who helped us collect signups. We had three members who stayed at the table and tried to attract passing traffic.

Tabling 2

At the same time we had people clip boarding out in the dining section of our student union. If the people clip boarding encountered people who had additional questions about the club they would bring them to the table so that we could talk to them more and give them extra literature on what we stand for.

At the end of our tabling we collected over 40 signatures! Our chapter was extremely excited with the amount of success we had and we will look to build off of that in the future weeks.   

Tabling 3

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