Berea Updates and Position Shifts

After a week with big changes in chair positions YAL is well underway to reaching more students on campus and plans to be more involved.

This past Wednesday we had an interesting turn of events. During our past meeting on the 19th of October we had a shift in political positions of our club members. Our president Yingtai announced his resignation. After discussion and deliberation, we decided to appoint Kurtis as our new Chapter President. After the main election we also assigned officer positions. Yingtai is now our Advisor, and I have become head of recruitment.

So far this year, we’ve held a screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” to promote free speech on campus, and have also been tabling and recruiting quite frequently to build our signup list.


With our new officer positions set in stone, we are more ready than ever to tackle spreading liberty across Berea’s campus, starting with our YAL-O-Ween project.

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