Bethany College Chapter at the Activies Fair 2015!

We had an incredible time at the Activities Fair on our campus this past week. Both Jaclyn Vealey (Vice-President) and I had a great time meeting with all of the different people on campus.

Jaclyn and I at our table

We spent over an hour and a half talking to different people about what YAL has meant to us so far, even though our chapter is less than a month old, and what are plans for the future of the Bethany College chapter of YAL are. During the fair, I had stayed at the table talking to people that would come by and ask about what we were, because not a lot of people knew about YAL before the Activities Fair.

I had taken down over 15 names of people (the majority being freshman) who want to join our chapter. Many took the Political Philosophy quizzes and planted their stickers where they ended up being on the chart. A few individuals that are interested in joining took some pocket constitutions that were provided as well as many stickers and buttons. All throughout the fair I had seen those individuals walk around with proud looks on their faces as they continued to wear the buttons around the fair.

Our chapter’s Vice President Jaclyn Vealey had a similar experience to mine. She spent the majority of the time of the fair weaving in and out of the crowd talking to people and asking people to sign our form that we need for our school to become an official club. We needed 100 signatures, and Jaclyn talked to so many people about what we were and what we plan on doing, that she got us well over 100 signatures.

We both enjoyed talking to everyone that we did, and we are excited to see what is in our future as a YAL Chapter. Our next step is to become recognized by the school, and we will be going in front of the Student Government Association Monday evening to apply to be a club on campus. We have to wait until the following Monday to hear back on what they say, but we are confident that we will become an official club soon.

The next event we plan on holding will be on Constitution Day where we will be partnering with the History Club to hold an all-day, campus wide event honoring the Constitution.

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