Bethany College: Free Speech and “Can We Take a Joke?” Screening

The Bethany chapter of Young Americans for Liberty just held an event for Freedom Day. To celebrate our First Amendment, we had a movie screening called “Can We Take A Joke” and we had several activities for the visitors to participate in.

YAL Members

We used poster board and designated each piece to a Presidential Candidate and their policies, and the students were able to write whatever came to mind about the candidate and whether they agreed with them. Students loved being able to have this because they wrote whatever they felt like without worrying about being judged. For example, one student wrote “Snake in the Grass” near Ted Cruz’s face, and she enjoyed doing that, because she felt like she could write whatever without being criticized by others. 

Opinions on Cruz and Trump

Opinions on Clinton and Sanders

We also had another poster board dedicated to free speech in general and they could write whatever they felt passionately about. After this exercise, we had cookies and were able to discuss political issues in a calm, collected manner. We all seemed to have different views as well, so although we voiced our opinions, we were respectful of the other’s, and it was enlightening.

We are very excited to further our outreach on campus; and we have big plans for next year, in hopes to gain even more members and host even more events. We only have two weeks left in the semester, so we are going to start planning events for next semester. We are excited to hit the ground running in August once the fall semester starts.

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