BGSU Celebrates Free Speech

Bowling Green State University’s YAL chapter has been causing waves around the university and local community. This time, we’re advocating our freedom of expression and the results were much greater than we anticipated. 


A week before our planned event, our chapter went shopping at local hardware and craft stores. We had previously drafted a rough budget and list of needed materials, which made shopping fairly smooth. All of the supplies were generously paid for by a Students for Liberty grant. For more information on that, click here.

On the Sunday evening before the event, three of us constructed the four bases in a parking lot. Following YAL’s how-to video and other universities’ designs, constructing the wall was very simple and didn’t take much time. We finished constructing the wall the morning of the event, Wednesday. The wall stood from about  8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and was completely full by the end of the day.

Although we had to reserve the space for the day, the university was incredibly helpful and completely supportive of our efforts. BGSU has proved to be a university that supports the free speech we advocated and we’re very grateful for that.

We received media coverage from the university newspaper, as well as a local television news station. The video interview is available on YouTube here. Due to the success of the event and the hospitality of the university administration, I wrote a letter to the university in a newspaper column. For all of the pictures of the event, visit our Facebook photo album of the event.

We had 46 official new sign-ups and, with our newspaper and television media coverage, we expect to have reached 500+ students at the very least. It was incredibly successful!


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