BGSU TSA Protest: “Checking your explosive personality!”


Last Friday, BGSU’s YAL chapter finally took part in the Government Gone Wild: Spring Break with the TSA protest! Sam Link, our TSA Agent, stopped people passing by or before entering the building behind us with phrases like, “Excuse me miss, as a matter of national security, I’m going to have to check you out due to your explosive personality!”

We had quite a few people express personal stories of their dealings with the TSA and even more ask us what the TSA actually has the power to do. We made sure to provide them with YAL’s ‘Know Your Rights’ pamphlets paired with flyer advertisements for our club. Unfortunately, we only received three signees and tabled for a limited amount of time because of a protest next to us.

A neighborhood evangelist travels to campus sometimes 3 times a week to preach to passersby. He often condemns students because of how they’re dressed or assumes that they dabble in drug and alcohol consumption. Although he has been doing this for years, students are getting tired of it. While he was there yesterday, a student came out with a petition and a sign that read, “Sign this petition to ban this guy from campus!” Of course, the language of the petition read much differently; its intent was to curb free speech on campus and limit the already tight free-speech zones. I argued with the circulator for about 30 minutes before he decided to just leave, but not before he got several pages worth of signees. One group of girls walked up and asked to sign the petition and when the circulator recommended they read the petition language before signing, one girl in the group suggested the sign was enough to get her signature. Unfortunately, these students were completely ignorant of what they were doing and I told the circulator that if he follows through and achieves school policy changes, he can expect a fight from us and F.I.R.E..

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