BIG Announcement: YAL’s Five-State Plan

YAL's Five-State Plan

34 Days until Election Day!

Young Americans for Liberty is proud to announce our Five-State Campaign Plan to mobilize hundreds of trained activists right now in key battleground states.

After careful analysis and discussion, YAL has identified Kentucky, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Nevada as five states where you and I can make a significant impact.

I am calling on every YAL donor, activist, and member to support this effort TODAY.

You see, this is YAL’s most ambitious plan yet. All of our past efforts prepared us for this moment. Now it’s time for you and I to act!

Our budget for this five-state plan is $140,700. Fortunately, this week alone, I have raised more than $23,500 for this project, and I am fully committed to raising the remaining $117,200.

I believe you understand what is at stake here, and to be frank with you, there is simply no longer any time to waste.

I have already hired three full-time staffers in North Carolina and two full-time staffers in Nevada. These boots on the ground in key states are only the beginning of our broader campaign efforts.

I understood the financial risk when I authorized these hires, and I moved forward because I am confident you will approve of our mobilization efforts and lend your full support.

Please take a moment to read this five-state campaign plan carefully, then consider making your largest investment in YAL to date. Every dollar you contribute over the next month will directly advance YAL’s campaign-season efforts.  And it is your early support that will determine just how much YAL will accomplish in these states.

Below I have outlined for you the details for YAL’s Five-State Campaign Plan:

  1. New Hampshire YAL Boot Camp, October 14-17:

    YAL will recruit 40-50 liberty activists to travel to New Durham, NH, on Thursday, October 14. These attendees will undergo a full day of campaign training on Friday, and then over the weekend, they will volunteer for the local candidates of their choice.

    Newly-trained YAL activists will knock on doors, make phone calls, assemble mailers, and inform voters about our issues. This program will make all the difference in close races in New Hampshire, and it will lay the groundwork for future progress in 2012.

    To join the New Hampshire YAL Boot Camp, apply here. To support the activists in attendance, please contribute here.  

  2. Michigan YAL Boot Camp, October 21-24:

    One week after New Hampshire, YAL will host another three-day Boot Camp in Grand Rapids, MI. An estimated 40-50 YAL members will attend this event. YAL members will arrive on Thursday, October 21, train on Friday, and volunteer for local candidates throughout the weekend. This event will once again provide to local candidates an enormous shot in the arm only a couple weeks from Election Day.

    To join the Michigan YAL Boot Camp, apply here. To support the activists in attendance, please contribute here.  

  3. Kentucky Get Out the Vote for Freedom, October 28-November 3:
    During the last week before Election Day, YAL will host a seven-day training and campaign event. Based on our previous successes during the KY primaries, YAL will recruit 40-50 YAL members to attend this critical program. Our ground troops will cover the state and make sure voters show up at the polls for Freedom on Election Day.

    To join YAL in Kentucky, apply here. To support the activists in attendance, please contribute here.  

  4. North Carolina Field Staff:
    As I mentioned above, YAL has already hired three full-time staffers in North Carolina.  With your support today, I will hire at least two more. My goal is to have five or more full-time field staffers in North Carolina to network with young activists, educate voters on the issues, and organize volunteers to get out the vote on Election Day. Their efforts and leadership in the state could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    To apply for a full-time field position with YAL, click here. To help YAL hire more staff in the state, please contribute here.  

  5. Nevada Field Staff:
    Low in supply and high in demand, trained field staff are crucial right now in Nevada. YAL is prepared to hire at least five full-time field staffers in the state with your support. Due to this effort’s significance and urgency, I have already hired two full-time staffers — I would like to hire three more. The trained personnel are ready to mobilize. But I simply don’t yet have the funds to take action.

    To apply for a full-time field position with YAL, click here. To help YAL hire more staff in the state, please contribute here.

Our plans are set. Now you and I must act!

Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, YAL cannot endorse candidates, but our influx of trained activists, who will volunteer for the local candidates of their choosing, will no doubt make an enormous impact in these critical states.

I am ready to move forward and implement these programs immediately. Will you support this Five-State Campaign Plan with a significant contribution?

I promise you that my staff and I will work long hours for these last 34 days, especially if you stand beside us and support our efforts. YAL’s strategic campaign plan will help restore our republic in November.

If you can afford it today, please invest in YAL’s campaign operations leading up to Election Day with a $50, $100, or $500 or more donation.

Dollar for dollar, these on-the-ground efforts make the most dramatic difference in close races. YAL is the only organization in a position to mobilize hundreds of well-trained young activists.

Will you please pitch-in and help me raise the remaining $117,200 to fully fund this effort? I will be sure to email you updates as YAL implements this plan.

THANK YOU as always for helping YAL reach our goals. Our growth over the past year and a half has prepared us for this moment. I cannot wait to celebrate our victory over the establishment together with you on Election Day!

For liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S.- This Five-State Campaign Plan is YAL’s most ambitious project to date.

If you want to make a direct impact in these last 34 days before Election Day, this is your opportunity.

YAL has recognized Kentucky, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Nevada as key states to mobilize our network of trained activists. This is where you and I could determine the fate of freedom.

Please contribute the maximum amount you can afford today.

Corporate and personal checks are both welcome. Please make out your contribution to Young Americans for Liberty and mail it to P.O. Box 2751, Arlington, VA 22202.

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