Big Brother is Watching

Next time you go to bed, you might want to say goodnight to Big Brother. Oh, and thank him for doing such an awesome job on protecting you as well! Right now you’ll have to either send an e-mail for that, or make a phone call to properly allow him to hear you. 2014 could mark the year where you simply wave at your bedroom ceiling!

First, let’s thank Mr. Snowden for his brave efforts to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, many Americans seem to be apathetic  about or even in opposition to Snowden’s revelations of NSA spying. Perhaps when Big Brother government is listening in on everyone’s dinner conversations, then there will be concerns. This is closer to reality than many people think.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City already envisions the day of constant surveillance in his city. NYC already has more than 2400 surveillance cameras, with more to come. But moving forward, stationary cameras will be the least of our worries. The Obama Administration has already admitted to domestic drone usage. Worse, the administration has even admitted to assassinating American citizens with drones abroad. Here at home, drones pose a dangerous threat to our privacy, and potentially even our lives, as Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster emphasized.

As these policies continue to expand, the civil liberties of the people are continuously revoked. Discussions of the National Defense Act of 2014 include a new intelligence agency to analyze the incoming data from the NSA and PRISM. If the United States was not looking at every email, or overhearing every phone call, the upcoming NDAA of 2014 should be cause of worry that those measures are coming. 

Taking a step back to look at the macro view of everything that is going on with domestic surveillance, we need to understand that the United States is moving in a direction of absolutely no privacy. The technological forces working against us, and the movement of an authoritarian government undermines the freedom our founding fathers fought to protect. Privacy needs to be thought of as a safeguard, not a luxury, and we must maintain our right to live our lives away from Washington’s prying eyes.

In a time when whistleblowers are regarded as traitors and citizens can be detained without warrants, the importance of preserving the rights we still have is substantial. We cannot allow the government in on our dinner table conversations. We have to fight to regain our freedom over our phone calls and our emails. Privacy is an essential liberty that we cannot simply stand by and watch erode away.

This isn’t a question of Democrat vs. Republican; it’s tyranny vs. freedom. The statement which best sums up the situation is Ben Franklin’s famous quote: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”                                                                                                                 

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