Big Government Does Not Represent Me

It looks as if we are in for a bumpy ride. With Barack Obama’s 1 trillion dollar economic stimulus package, to his healthcare plans, spending will go through the roof. Last night I was watching C-span, the CATO institute was on talking about what tax cuts work and what tax cuts do not work in terms of stimulating the economy. They concluded that a stimulus package, in fact has no effect on the amount of consumption from evaluating the stimulus package earlier in the year.

It is almost laughable, that we are in one of the biggest financial crisis in the history of the United States and Obama and his gang are still working on that healthcare plan. Still figuring out ways to redistribute that wealth, and to interfere with the market any way they can.

As a young American, I feel like this is not even America. Our leaders are telling us to save free markets you have to abandon free markets, that the moral hazards are irrelevant, and that the government is there to give us healthcare, education, jobs, money, and loans. This is madness and Barack Obama is no leader for my generation. He is teaching habits that infants practice. The founding fathers would look down on what our political ‘leaders’ are doing. They never envisioned this.

I look up to the likes of Ron Paul, and Peter Schiff, to our founding fathers, and to those who put liberty, self responsability, and free markets at the forefront of the political landscape.

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