Big Government Halted by Gridlock

Once it became evident that a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives was indeed taking place, fear began to spread among political commentators about a government trapped in a halting gridlock.

Statists now question whether anything will get done or whether the Republican and Democratic branches of the Big Government Party will be able to work together to keep giving us bigger government.

However, in this era of hyper-governmental intervention in almost every aspect of our lives, the inability of the federal government to accomplish more big government schemes doesn’t seem so doomful to me.

And it doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing to Steven Horwitz either, who in recent article at The Freeman Online commented on the positives of a divided government in that: “to the extent that “gridlock” slows or halts the growth of government, it enhances, at least in relative terms, the freedom of people to make those improvements in their own lives and those of others.  That’s not ‘gridlock’ or ‘paralysis;’  that’s an expansion of the range of human freedom.”

For a further look at the benefits of a “gridlocked” government, check out the rest of Horwitz’s article here.

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