Bill Ayers Disowns Obama

A couple months ago, members of the Ball State, IPFW, IUK and Purdue chapters of YAL along with Campus Reform field rep. Craig Dixon went to an event at Purdue University featuring Bill Ayers.  Their purpose was to protest the fact that Ayers conflated capitalism with empire while calling for the end of empire (and thus capitalism).  Of course, Ayers is a mixed up guy if he thinks empire and capitalism are the same (Chet Butterworth wrote a little on why he’s so controversial here). 

In any case, Ayers was a big supporter of Obama, so we decided to ask a pertinent question, inquiring if he would explain his love of the leader of the largest empire in the world.  We waited for hours only for him to ignore us and rush into his vehicle with the help of empire-funded security guards (policemen for anyone who’s wondering).

Bill Ayers now seperates himself from Obama.  Although I applaud Ayers for his anti-war activism, I think this guy is really way too confused about the seperation of the voluntary and the involuntary to ever lead a solid anti-war movement.  Getting rid of capitalism will only lead to more political wars.

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