Bill Frezza speaks at Appalachian State

The Appalachian State University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty recently hosted guest speaker Bill Frezza. The event took place in the Plemmons Student Union in Rough Ridge Room. It was an evening of both challenging discussion and unique insight from Frezza.

Frezza Presentation

Bill Frezza, with experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist, used his experiences to communicate compelling stories ranging from the creation of the digital world to the corruption in Congress. Rather than spout opinion, Frezza used the format to articulate these stories in a way that engendered thoughtful discussion and open interaction between himself and the audience. 


The audience was entirely engaged, and formulated questions eliciting thoughtful response from Frezza. A crucial message presented by Frezza was the reality of our generation being left with an economic, foreign policy, and debt mess. The audience was really impacted by this, taking away an understanding that our generation faces serious obstacles in restoring stability on these fronts. 

Student Discussion

The night received some levity in the ensuing social at coffee shop Expresso News. Here, Frezza joined students for more conversation and spirits. It was a great time for all.

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