Bill Frezza Speaks at Central CT State University

There was a solid turnout this past Tuesday, October 21 at Central Connecticut State University to hear speaker, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Bill Frezza speak about risk, reward, failure, and freedom! All the while, he shared his own personal experiences as a businessman dealing with government regulation.   

Following Bill Frezza's Speech in Founder's Hall at CCSU when some attendees

After relaying a brief history of the telecommunications industry, with which Frezza is intimately familiar, he explained to an eager crowd the interaction between his efforts for prospective business ventures and government official’s joy in providing ‘constituent services’. Bill then touched upon the implications thereof to highlight the “business as usual” mentality of legal corruption which greases the wheels of government operations.   

Following up was a stimulating question and answer session.

The event ended with Young Americans for Liberty picking up the tab at Roma’s Sports Bar and Grill in New Britain, CT!

Roma's Sports Bar and Grill

Special thanks to Bill Frezza, the YAL staff who helped organize the event including CCSU YAL members, and of course everyone who came out to share in the good time!

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