Binghamton University fights back against the War on Youth!


During our annual Spring Fling festival, our YAL chapter here at Binghamton had dozens of students stop by, sign up, and learn about their personal share of the national debt. Our giant national debt sign and Barack Obama face sure brought a lot of attention!


We had a lot of people playing the Pong Away Your Debt game to win prizes (candy, Arizona Iced Teas, and Arnold Palmers) as well as signing up interested in our chapter. We also used our megaphone to attract people to our table and distinguish ourselves, and many people came up and took selfies with Obama!


Our prizes, megaphone, and gigantic sign and Obama head definitely attracted people to play and sign up, and people had fun seeing what programs they would cut to reduce their debt and would talk about what specific programs they were aiming for.

Most of all, all of us running the table had a lot of fun. In fact, it was the most fun part of the day for a lot of us, even after a concert and going out. At the end of the day, nothing is more fun than hanging out with fellow liberty-lovers and spreading the message to other students.


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