Black Market Awareness at Troy University

Prohibition and over criminalization have created a whole slew of problems for the United States and many other parts of the world. The use and sale of illicit drugs has created an Incarceration Nation. Much of the problems come from these illicit drugs being peddled in black markets. To raise awareness about black markets and the drug war, the Troy University chapter hosted a Black Market Bake Sale.
Black Market Bake Sale Picture 2
For the event, we peddled the following:
“Pot Brownies”-brownies in a pot
“Smart Pills”-Smarties candies in a pill bottle
“Ketamine Kandies”-Jolly Ranchers in small Ziplock baggies
“The Cool White Dragon”-a Jello shot syringe filled with a clear, berry flavored Jello (meant to resemble heroin)

We got a lot of funny looks and replies when asking students if they wanted to buy anything from our black market. The event got a great dialogue started among students about the problems with the drug war and black markets. Later that evening, we hosted a showing of “America’s Longest War” and experienced a solid turnout. 

All in all, the event helped spread awareness about the horrors of the drug war and exposed some people to SFL for the first time on our campus.
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