Blew It Out of the Water

School started back at Samford this past Monday. Thursday was the big organization fair where all the organizations make their pitches to the students. We’re a very new chapter with a grand total of five members. What’s worse is that we’re small despite a year of work. People here simply aren’t interested in joining a political organization. We didn’t even have enough people to staff the table for the duration of the event. However, that changed.

We brought in an LI field rep by the name of Stephen Bader to help us out. He gave us some great ideas and is really responsible for the success we had, not to discount the fantastic people from my own group.

By the end of the event, we had 125 names on our clipboard. That is exponentially more than any of us were expecting. These results have given me such joy, and I am excited to continue this journey of growth towards freedom. We have an interest meeting on Tuesday. Say a prayer that all goes well and we grow!

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