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How to effectively showcase your efforts and successful event using the Young Americans for Liberty Blog:

You spent hours brainstorming, planning, and preparing for your most recent YAL event, and it all paid off. It was your most successful event to date. Congratulations!

But how can you showcase your chapter’s efforts, inspire other YAL members, and show everyone how awesome you are in general?

The answer is simple:  Write a YAL blog post.

7 Steps to Writing a Successful Post-Event Blog Post

  1. Get the ability to post on the YAL blog by officially joining YAL.
  2. Take time to write out all of the information from your event. Find a way to organize your thoughts in the most cohesive and understandable way possible. Think of every fact and figure you’d want to include, adding credibility. 
  3. Add pictures, videos, and links to tell the full story. A great resource on Activism Documentation by  the YAL National Field Director can be found here.
  4. Send it to a fellow chapter member, friend, colleague, sibling, parent or anyone else you know who can read, to proofread it. 
  5. Post your blog on and wait for it to be edited and approved for publication.
  6. Celebrate! You’re basically internet famous.
  7. Repeat for every major event your YAL chapter holds.   

P.S. If you participate in a YAL National Activism Contest & effectively blog about it, you could even win cash money prizes!

Happy Blogging!

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