Blue State Fascism?

I don’t care if libertine MSM types are “aghast” by the notion of gun-owners exercising their constitutional rights.  It’s fine for anti-gun groups to refuse to buy guns, speak out against guns, and refuse to associate with anyone who has so much as gone hunting. But they are NOT entitled to forcefully seize the property of law-abiding Americans. Indeed, any and all aggressive force is illegitimate.  

However, the clip below indicates that leftists are eagerly willing to use such means to impose their values on us. While their intentions may be pure, they are unwittingly advocating the sort of aggressive violence they supposedly deplore.  Are these folks simply busy bodies, or is this indicative of a budding “Blue State Fascism?” (That is, “conform to our lifestyle or be punished!”)

It may not yet be as dangerous as its counterpart, but it’s closing in fast.

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