Bluffton is DROWING IN DEBT!

As the annual fall involvement fair kicks off at Bluffton University, a small (less than 1000 students) Mennonite affiliated liberal arts school in northwest Ohio, a brand new group on campus carts in a monstrosity of a party item…a dunk tank. 


Abe Alassaf from the Leadership institute arrives early to help us set it up and we quickly find out the mechanism that releases the seat doesn’t function properly.  No matter…we’re libertarians and we improvise, we adapt, and we overcome! 


Fast forward to 1 p.m., the end of the club fair.  With 35 sign-ups, students informed about our $19 trillion national debt and $1.3 trillion student debt, and one very wet YAL member, we shift gears and start focusing on our follow up meeting later than night and head to our next class, content on the day’s results.

Gettin' dem signups!

That night we had 3 NEW enthusiastic YAL members attend the meeting.  Chowing down on some pizza from a local joint, we talked for several hours on everything from YAL’s mission to the National Debt to Drug Laws to the future activism events here at Bluffton.  It was one hell of a day and out new members can’t wait to become official members!



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