Blunts, Grassroots Activism, Constitution Day, and Campus Invasion: Oh My!

Constitution Week!

Last week, Washburn University Young Americans for Liberty celebrated Constitution Week along with hundreds of other chapters across the nation.

Constitution Day 1

We tabled in the Memorial Union to hand out pocket constitutions from YAL and the Cato Institute.

Constitution Day 2

Amazingly enough, we passed out all of our resources within two hours! I am proud to say that our members did an outstanding job.

Constitution Day 3

We were proud to make such a great impact for liberty on campus. But that’s not all we’ve been up to. Keep reading for more!

“Let’s Be Blunt about Blunts”

Earlier this semester, we started off with our first event of the year: “Let’s be Blunt about Blunts: The Economics of Marijuana.”<--break->” title=”<--break-->” class=”mceItem”></p>
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We have had the privilege to work with Dr. Paul Byrne, whose primary areas of study are public choice and urban economics. He also spoke at our first event last year, when he discussed the impact and consequences of President Obama’s healthcare plan from an economics standpoint.

It helped that our advisor, Dr. Dmitri Nizovtsev, invited his students to attend our event as an extra credit opportunity. We also served pizza and lemonade to the attendees!

Finally, after the Q & A session, we discussed the possibility of bringing a Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) chapter to Washburn University. I’d say it was a successful event! But we’re still just getting started…

Campus Invasion

As a Kansas State Chair, it is one of my obligations to find, train, and educate future leaders of the liberty. Kansas has a diverse youth population that is looking for a place to organize for liberty, but they often do not know where to start. As a YAL leader, I believe that it is within the interest of the liberty movement to start up a Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Emporia State University (ESU).

Campus Invasion 3

Luckily, I was paired up with Daniel Seitz of the Leadership Institute. Daniel has been defending liberty since his involvement with College Republicans. We garnered attention with our copies of Why Liberty and Peace, Love, & Liberty, as well as pocket Constitutions since it was Constitution Week.

Campus Invasion 1

We also received a positive reaction from the Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO), who are currently celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. It was an honor to work alongside HALO to promote their organization as well as YAL. Building coalitions and having a good interpersonal skill is an effective method of getting a foothold on a new campus.

That’s all for now from Washburn University. But stay tuned for more updates to come!

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