Bob Dylan Still Has it Right

Bob Dylan was known for his protest music in the 1960s and was very vocal about civil rights, and the Vietnam war.  He sang many songs about peace but his song Masters of War really sticks out as one of his best when it comes to war.  

Dylan was an icon to the youth of his time, and developed a strong following in the 60’s for his folk and protest music.  This song came out when the war in Vietnam was heating up more and more and is probably one of Dylan’s more clear songs in terms of what the message is.  

The beauty of about Bob Dylan’s music is that it is timeless and has not faded away with the arrival of new music, world events, and a different American culuture.  The same can be said for the lyrics and meaning of the song Masters of War:

You that never done nothing’.  But built to destroy, you play with my world.  Like it’s your little toy…

Then you set back and watch.  When the death count gets higher.  You hide in your mansion as young people’s blood, flows out of their bodies, and is buried in the mud.  

Not much has seemed to have changed has it?  Dylan has many other timeless songs about peace, and his music is something I think fellow YALers would appreciate.  

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