Boise State University CWTAJ? Premiere

YAL at Boise State University hosted its first official activism event on April 13th with the hosting of Can We Take A Joke? Promotion for the event was difficult and highlighted the specific need for speech rights at Boise State after most of the flyers, posters, and posted materials were removed from campus bulletin boards and walls after only a day or two. Notwithstanding those difficulties, the event boasted an incredible turnout considering it was our first event.
BSU's Free-Speech Fighters
The movie was excellent, successfully offending every person in the room at one point or another, which allowed all of us to come to the realization that what will offend us may not offend another individual and that censorship and “safe spaces”can never truly be okay.
All of this was discussed afterwards by those who attended the screening, with discussion ranging from political censorship to how to properly discuss rape in this country and why the emergence of “safe spaces” have disproportionately silenced minority groups and brought back institutional bias against new ideas.
Overall, the screening successfully got the conversation started, at least for a few people and groups, at this FIRE-rated “Red Light” University about how protecting our easily-triggered opinions actually doesn’t help anyone, even those who think they’re being protected.
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