Bon Fire at Brescia University

Brescia University’s YAL Chapter was just a little (actually, a very much) upset with the tabling of Rand Paul’s amendment that would have called for a re-authorization of the AUMF.

The chapter planned a bonfire with hot dogs for roasting and and marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate for s’more making. All of this came with built-in lessons about blowback and the fiscal cost of the war in the Middle East that has been raging under the AUMF since 2001. Marshmallow’s were referred to as “bombs” and costed each student $2.5M (the average cost of a drone strike in Afghanistan). Graham crackers represented the structural/civilian costs of the missiles. Chocolate represented the ideologies taught by extremist groups that flourish under interventionist policies. For the hotdogs I made a sign that read “Don’t be a weenie, follow the Constitution,” to hit on the legality of the military actions done under the AUMF. I made color printouts for all of these, so feel free to message myself or my chapter for the file.

At the fire I got numerous people to sign letters that we had typed up earlier to their senators, stating that they opposed the war under the AUMF. My chapter will be mailing the letters to the appropriate offices.

I had planned to speak (we had speakers playing anti-war music) but due to a soccer game being scheduled at the same time, our turn out wasn’t quiet big enough for that. Instead, my chapter members and I went to each group of people sitting by the fires and simply talked to them and got our points across that way.

One other thing that didn’t quite go our way is that we weren’t able to have a giant poster board with all the senators who voted to table Rand’s amendment.

This proved to be a really fun event that got a bunch of signups, and made educating people on the lack of legality and the counter productiveness of the war that is currently raging. I definitely encourage all chapters to come up with the most creative events possible and to think outside of the box.

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